Fastest Dog in the World

Greyhounds are dolichocephalic (narrow and elongated heads), instead of being like other breeds, which are brachycephalic (short and wide head) is a major asset for greyhounds who are destined to run fast.

The characteristic of their head gives them a stereoscopic vision (high-resolution vision) that other races do not have.

This extraordinary degree of vision is found in wolves because when you have to chase a prey at full speed, it is important to see where you put the legs.

Here are the different breeds of Greyhounds:

English Hound

English Hound is considered the fastest dog in the world for a short distance. It descends from the Spanish greyhound and after crossing, it has evolved to become a magnificent and athletic animal. It can reach up to 63 Km / h.

At first, English greyhounds (like all other breeds of greyhounds) were used for hunting by royalty. Over time these animals have joined the detestable world of greyhound racing, which generates huge amounts of money.

Fortunately, it is more common to see sensitive people who adopt greyhounds as simple pets. Greyhounds are faithful companions, affectionate, gentle and obedient. They are definitely beautiful animals.

Spanish Greyhound

Spanish Greyhound comes from a pure race of the Iberian Peninsula. It is an ancient race, which experts say comes from the hunting dogs of the ancient kings of Pharaonic Egypt.

He is exceptionally athletic, can run up to 60 km / h. It is probably the most present dog in all Spain, as it is used in various hunting and sports parties.

Unfortunately, the rural Spanish people are abusing these poor dogs in an intolerable way.

Fortunately, there are associations that protect the rights of animals, and it is increasingly common to find that there are families who adopt dogs that have been exploited.


Saluki is a dog with a great story. This race was the one that Egyptian pharaohs used to hunt. From 2000BC, there are inscriptions in the pharaonic tombs that speak of this ancient breed of dog.

Experts say that the Saluki descends Arab desert wolves. Today the Bedouins use the Saluki dog to hunt gazelles and the animals they like to eat.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound can run faster between rocks, crevices, and obstacles in the Afghan mountains. Apart from its extraordinary view which allows him to have a clear vision of the surroundings, the Afghan hound has a physical characteristic that distinguishes it from other dogs, its kneecaps.

The knee structure of the Afghan hound allows its strong legs to rotate asymmetrically and individually. So during the race, the Afghan Hound places each of his four legs in the best possible position on the ground.

For this reason, this powerful dog can definitely chase elusive mountain goats in the mighty Afghan mountains. It is a formidable hunting dog, which is very appreciated in the climate and terrain of Afghanistan.

In other parts of the world, the Afghan hound is considered a collector’s dog when in fact, his extraordinary beauty and distinguished manners hide the relentless hunter he really is.

Helping Your Dog Learn Fast

Dog training is a painstaking job that requires a lot of patience, but satisfactory results give a lot of joy.

Most people who are interested in owning dogs typically ask the question “can dogs learn fast? ” The answer is… need to have a lot of patience to train your dog and you should not expect instant results. Dogs differ in learning. Some will learn fast while some of them are slower.

The training of basic orders should begin as soon as possible, because older dogs may take longer to learn.

Under no circumstances should you punish your dog if he does not follow your command. It’s much more likely that he did not understand what you are asking for, rather than disobedience. Punishment is always a counter-productive effect on training, you will only succeed in making the dog afraid of you.

Give regular short lessons. This way, the dog will listen to the commands regularly and start to get used to them without boredom.

When you have finished teaching your dog, share the orders with other family members. Do not overdo this Step, take things slowly and you will reach your goal.Helping Your Dog Learn Fast

The fact is that there is no time limit for training and learning. Dogs constantly learn – desirable or undesirable behavior.

Walking with your dog should be active, not only for the dog but for you too! One part of the walk should be reserved only for you and your dog, your interaction with each other and learning.

Not only can you improve your relationship, but you can also do a lot of learning certain actions and commands.

After all said and done, should you find that you have not got enough time to train your dog, it is advisable to seek the help of professional dog trainer.

What to do About Escape Artist Dogs

You may be wondering what can be done to stop dogs from escaping.  Well here is a good article if you want to read more about it.  What I think though, is that for short or temporary periods it is better to use a crate than have an accident. That being said, the cage must meet certain rules to be legal: for starters, no puppy less than 6 months should be in it, for the other older dogs the leash must have a minimum length of 3 meters, be equipped at the end with a good fastener so that the leash does not twist each time the dog moves.

disobedient dog
Fido after he escaped

The bottom of the crate must be good enough to avoid becoming dirty. The dog must have an enclosure that is sufficiently spacious and aligned correctly to the wind and therefore to the weather. The shelter must be warm and raised from the ground to stop water from getting in.

Lastly, the dog must have a bowl of water accessible at all times but it can not be left without being held down with twist ties. I repeat once again that there are probably other ways to prevent your dog from leaving, especially for a long time.

For the naughty type of dogs, the two other solutions that I will present to you seem to work ok. The first is to simply build a fairly large kennel with a built in a hard floor, with tooth-guarded and walls that cant be climbed, some types of roofs are better than others too.

The electric fence (there are different models like the cow fence, invisible perimeter fence or the special one made for dogs. As far as I know, after seeing dozens, I only know one case of a dog scaling one of these.

The disadvantage of a fence is the price can put off some. With this being said, compared to the huge amount of damage that the dog can cause, it is a good investment). I already hear people saying that this might be not very nice for the dog. I disagree because the ultimate thing that will hurt your dog is to get out so why not prevent it in the first place.

Advantages of Garbage Disposals

While garbage disposals are common in many American kitchens, they struggle to take off in the other markets. Indeed, they are subject to controversy, little referenced in shops and few present in advertising.

These small household appliances are mainly used to grind food waste in order to reduce the size of household garbage. To make your own opinion on the subject, this week Do-It-Yourself to conduct the survey to make you discover the disposals.

Operation of sink shredders

The use of a sink grinder is relatively simple. It is enough to deposit its waste in the sink and to make the water flow that draws them directly into the crusher. Then, you will activate the switch of the crusher in order to start its motor.

The waste will then be reduced to particulate matter and then discharged into the sewage duct. Attention, only organic waste such as fish, meat, fruit and vegetable residues, bones, shells, and peelings can be discarded In the grinder.

Moreover, the installation and maintenance of a garbage disposal are accessible to all, as they do not require specific knowledge. On the other hand, when buildings are old, their pipes may be too narrow to let through waste, even after they have been ground.

It is, therefore, best to check the compatibility of its installation before investing in one.

The advantages and disadvantages

Garbage disposals can be seductive, as it reduces the household waste; Consequently, the volume of garbage bags are reduced as well. In addition, the use of a sink crusher limits the development of bacteria, bad odors, and insects.

They also bring organic matter into the septic tanks, which is beneficial to them, as this material decomposes easily. On the other hand, they can not be installed in the vast majority of buildings connected to mains drainage.

They also increase energy consumption and the difficulty of reprocessing wastewater, which is contrary to ecological concerns.

How to sleep better

Sleep is something that is very neglected nowadays.  People are just getting busier and busier and don’t have any time to sleep a full 8 hours or so.  This means that we have to take shortcuts in order to get our full sleep every night.

Luckily there are some good tips in order to make the most of your sleep and help to save your back.


Get a good mattress

Getting a good mattress like the one here is a good place to start.  A good mattress or air mattress is very necessary in order to get a good sleep at night.

There are many different mattress brands out there and we recommend to check out some review sites in order to get the best one.

Get rid of the phone

Smartphones are a terrible thing to have near your bed.  The reason for this is that they emit radiation as well as keep you up with the light being so bright.

An easy solution is just to ditch the damn thing.  You really don’t need it near your bed when you are trying to sleep.

Reset your body clock

You must reset your body clock in order to sleep properly this can be as simple as just getting up a little bit earlier each day.

follow these tips and you will surely sleep better.