Most Friendly Dog Breeds

Knowing which breed of dog will adapt most easily to our environment is not always easy. It all depends on our lifestyle, the time we can devote to his doggie, and especially if we have children or not.

A puppy is not naturally aggressive, it is the master who has the duty to educate him and to make him a fulfilled and docile dog. On the other hand, some breeds have predispositions to kindness and will make remarkable companions for your little family.

Golden Retriever

His exceptionally gentle and sociable character makes him one of the nicest dogs that exist. He enjoys being part of a family and participating in all activities. Enthusiastic and playful, he enjoys sharing his time with both children and adults.

His great fidelity makes him a valuable companion who will always defend his masters. Because of its affectionate nature, the golden retriever needs a lot of time and attention and cannot stand loneliness.


The boxer represents the kindness embodied. His legendary calm and love of children make him an ideal playmate.

Happy and patient, the boxer likes to live with his masters, preferably indoors and will be much happier to share with you short and happy walks rather than during long and difficult hikes.


The poodle has all the qualities one can dream for his future companion on all fours. He is very intelligent. Full of energy, affectionate and he asks only to please his master. The education sessions will be a pleasure with this little dog who undergoes an unflattering reputation as a compulsive red dog.

In reality, the poodle is a dog that can be very calm and sociable and easily supports loneliness if his master manages to stimulate it during their exchanges.


This dog with a quiet character is completely devoid of aggressiveness. Endowed with a strong spirit of loyalty towards his master, he also knows how to appreciate moments of loneliness. He remains an affectionate dog even if he supports moderately the great effusions.

He is a refined dog both physically and mentally, and his racing ability commands admiration.

Labrador Retriever

His good mood and his desire to play permanently make him a great companion, especially for children. With a very docile character, education with him will be easy.